The NCHS Band programs, both curricular and extracurricular, as supported in large part by parent and student volunteers. Your help allows the bands to provide free programming throughout the school year, while keeping student fees low. There are many different volunteering opportunities, some of which are tabulated below. Signups for these events is managed via Charms.


The NCHS Marching and Pep Bands need help getting their equipment on and off of the fields during the football performances. Volunteers will be accompanied by a student, helping them to push/carry it out to the field. Some volunteers will also help distribute water to the students. This is essentially the same as the football games, but parents will only be helping the Front Ensemble (Pit) push their instruments onto the field as quickly as possible, and help them set up immediately before the competition. Immediately after the performance, these volunteers help remove the Pit instruments from the field. Almost all band events that leave the NCHS campus will require parent chaperones on the buses. These volunteers will take attendance before leaving to and returning from the events, and ensure that the students behave on the bus.
These volunteers distribute and prepare (cut and plate) food during Band Camp dinners and snack breaks. During most band competitions, some volunteers are also needed to distribute lunches to the students. The concession stand is the most important, and easiest, volunteering option. The concessions stand is our most profitable fundraiser, financing things such as instruments and clinics. Some volunteers prepare and serve food, and others manage the registers. The marching band uniforms need to be distributed to students before competitions, and collected afterwards. Uniform volunteers help the students get their uniform, and help them with any problems (missing gauntlets etc.) that may occur.