General Information and Expectations

Marching band is an all-volunteer, extracurricular activity. Any interested NCHS (current or entering) student is eligible to participate and contribute to the ensemble. There is no “second string.” All students are important individual elements to the production!


The Naperville Central Marching Band plays an important role in the Naperville community: participating in the Naperville Memorial Day Parade, Labor Day Parade, and halftime of all NCHS home football games.  

The marching band consists of the following sections:  

  1. Brass – trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones and marching tubas 
  2. Woodwinds – flutes, clarinets and saxophones (Alto, Tenor, Baritone)
  3. Marching Percussion 
    1. Battery – snares, tenors and bass drums
    2. Front Ensemble – mallet percussion, auxiliary percussion, guitars & pianos 
  1.   Color guard – flags, rifles, sabers, etc.


The marching band is under the direction of band director Brandon Estes.  Student leaders are selected by a leadership committee after an interview/audition process, and include the senior drum major(s), junior drum major(s), and section leaders.  A section leader meeting will take place on Mondays of each week during the marching season.


Marching band is similar to a varsity level sport.  There will be weekly rehearsals and weekend performances.  Once a student has committed to the Marching Redhawks, attendance is expected for all rehearsals and performances.  (Please refer to the attached schedule for rehearsal and performance dates and times.)  Due to the time commitment required, marching band students will not be eligible to participate in fall sports; however, there are no conflicts with winter or spring sports.  

Band Camp

Band camp is held on campus at NCHS.  Band camp consists of two full weeks of long-day rehearsals where students will begin learning, conditioning and developing the field show.  Please refer to the attached season’s schedule.  Band camp and all scheduled rehearsals, activities and performances are mandatory.  Missing rehearsal for another activity, homework or a part-time job does not constitute an excused absence.  Please plan ahead!


Be aware that the Marching Redhawks will sometimes perform in the rain when necessary (we provide raincoats). Please do not assume that there is no performance or rehearsal due to weather. Always check with your section leader or communications from your directors for information and instructions. 


Members will receive school numerals, sophomore letter, junior letter and senior patch for completing the season in good standing.  

Our students are encouraged to set and reach high goals for themselves and the program, and the rewards of meeting those expectations far outweigh the sacrifices!  If you are up to this awesome challenge, we would love to welcome you as part of our team of excellence! Go Redhawks!

The Marching Redhawks Family