Marching Redhawks

General Information:

Marching Band is an extracurricular activity at Central and is the largest and most high profile band at Naperville Central.  The NCHS Fall Color Guard joins the Marching Band to form the Marching Redhawks.

Marching Redhawks receive school numerals, sophomore letter, junior letter and senior patch for completing the season in good standing.

2020 Marching Redhawks Information

Video: 2019 Marching Redhawks final performance of Cloud 9 at the BOA Indianapolis Super Regional

2018 Marching Redhawks memory slideshow


Communication is essential for success in any activity. Students will be given a great deal of information and instructions by their band directors, marching staff, drum majors and section leaders. Whenever possible, this information will be posted on the home page at It is imperative that students keep their parents informed of relevant information so that problems can be avoided whenever possible. All rehearsal and performance dates are posted on the Main Calendar of the website; and updated information and instructions are also posted on the home page of the website. Please make it a habit to check the website daily.


Band camp and all scheduled rehearsals and performances are mandatory. The only exception to this rule is personal illness, a wedding (family), religious observance or family emergency. In the event you must miss or be tardy to a scheduled rehearsal or performance, you must fill out an absence form. Missing rehearsal for homework is not an acceptable excuse. Part of your commitment to the band is being able to plan your study schedule around the band schedule.

We know that the average band member is a busy person. We ask that you keep the lines of communication open and make sure you notify your section leader, drum majors and band directors of any conflicts. This policy insures 100 percent attendance and gives the group the best chance of success! This policy is also consistent with other school activities.

While we urge you to avoid any scheduling conflicts with our rehearsal and performance times; however, we realize sometimes conflicts are unavoidable. We are flexible and willing to try to work around any scheduling roadblocks. Please see Mr. Alstadt or Mr. Estes to discuss an arrangement that can keep you involved!


Marching band rehearsals begin in early August, with band camp. Typically, band camp consists of two weeks at NCHS, ending with a parent performance. Attendance is required at band camp. Further details about band camp will be explained at the marching band orientation and parent meeting in the Spring. Once school begins, the marching band rehearses every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school, and most Saturdays through October. Additional rehearsals are held prior to home football games and all competitions days, and additional sectionals and rehearsals may be scheduled as necessary.

The following are some tips and guidelines with regard to rehearsals:

  • Proper footwear must be worn at rehearsals. Sneakers, athletic shoes or marching shoes are the only acceptable shoes to be worn at rehearsals. “Skate shoes,” flip-flops and sandals are not acceptable.
  • Wear comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and sweats or shorts. Please dress for the weather, as we will rehearse outside. You must follow the District 203 dress code, which can be found in the Red Book.
  • Rehearsals will begin and end on time. To be “on time” is to be late!
  • The staff makes a commitment toward using your time as efficiently as possible. We carefuly plan and prepare each rehearsal so as not to waste your time. To that end, we ask the same of band members. Talking during rehearsal must be limited to matters involving rehearsal and must not disrupt the efforts of the instructors.
  • The following items must be brought to every rehearsal: instrument (with proper equipment), dot book, pencil, music stand (to be locked in band locker for outside rehearsals).

Travel/Trip Information:

The Marching Redhawks will travel to off-campus locations, including overnight trips, such as parades at Walt Disney World, competitions, and other high visible functions.. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, the Marching Redhawks were invited to march in the nationally-televised Target Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago. They were also invited to participate in the Dan Shanower Memorial Dedication Ceremony in Naperville. In 2004, they were chosen to participate in the Nicolas Cage movie, “The Weatherman” (listen to them playing the school song at the end of the movie while the credits run) and are in the first scene of the Kenny Chesney music video, “The Boys of Fall.” Trips to Disney World are optional.

On such occasions, it is imperative that while having fun, we conduct ourselves as gracious guests and make sure our actions do nothing to taint the fine reputation of Naperville Central High School. Some guidelines for out-of-town trips follow:

  • You will sign up in advance for the bus you will ride and for your rooms (overnight trips).
  • Bus loading time will always be announced at rehearsals and posted on the website.
  • Many people use the bus trip to sleep or study. Students are asked to be courteous to each other and to the chaperones and bus drivers. Everyone on all buses are bound by the rules as outlined in “Positive Participation” and “special concerns” in the handbook.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed on buses at any time.
  • Absolutely NO flash photos are to be taken on the buses while they are moving. This is a danger to the bus driver.
  • During the entire duration of the trip, every member of the Marching Redhawks is an official representative of Naperville Central High School and is expected to conduct themselves as respectful, mature ladies and gentlemen.


Each year, the marching band performs at Naperville’s Labor Day “Last Fling” Parade, all home football games (including play-off games), marching band competitions, and the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. From time to time, the Marching Redhawks are invited to participate in other performance opportunities.

Please be aware that the Marching Redhawks sometimes perform in the rain (we provide raincoats). Please do not assume there is no performance due to weather. Always check with your section leader for information and instructions.

Uniform Guidelines

The uniforms of the Marching Redhawks are replaced every 10 years; therefore, we hope to keep them looking new for as long as possible. A significant amount of money has been invested not only in the uniforms, but also in a uniform storage.

  • Uniforms are to be neatly hung on the uniform racks in garment bags. Gauntlets and gloves are to be stored in the zipper pouch of the garment bag.
  • You are not to eat while in uniform.
  • Hats are to be stored upright in their boxes. Hats should never be placed down on their tops.
  • Shoes, socks and black Under Armor shirts are to be taken home and cleaned after each performance. They are NEVER to be left in the garment bag or on the uniform racks.
  • Shoes are to be clean and polished.
  • Your entire uniform, including gauntlets, must be worn at all performances.
  • Uniforms must look neat at all times. “Wrinkled” uniforms are not acceptable. You will NOT be allowed to march if your uniform does not look anything less that perfect.
  • Make sure the bottoms of the pants legs are hemmed and NOT dragging on the ground!! They should be hemmed two inches from the floor, while wearing your marching shoes. Hems should be sewn, not pinned or taped. There will be a “pants check” to ensure this is enforced! All pants must be hemmed before the first performance. If you do not know of anyone who can properly hem your pants, arrangements can be made for you to have them done at very reasonable cost. If you need help, please contact the BBA Uniform Coordinator.
  • Socks are to be BLACK and MATCHING.
  • Black shirts are REQUIRED to be worn under the uniform (we recommend Under Armor.) No sleeveless shirts, please.
  • Jackets are always to be completely zipped and hooked – unless otherwise told.
  • Hair is to be up in the hats – including “tails”; hair must be over the collar. Hair bands and barrettes need to be neutral.
  • No jewelry.
  • No make up, unless in the Guard, as part of the ‘costume.’
  • No running, swearing, or disrespect in uniform…EVER!!!
  • Sunglasses may not be worn during any performances.
  • Options for short trips 1) Remove the coat and hat or 2) Wear the coat completely: snapped collar and zipped up all the way. The simple basic rule is: If you have the coat on, wear it as a uniform or take the coat completely off and carry it. One or the other – no middle ground – ever!
  • Sometimes we may do a show in our band t-shirts, in this case everyone will wear the show t-shirt, which you are required to purchase.

The Marching Redhawks uniform provided by NCHS consists of:

  • Black “bib” pants
  • Red jacket
  • Black hat
  • Raincoat

In addition, each student must purchase the following:

  • Black marching shoes **
  • Black socks **
  • Black Under Armour shirt (long and/or short sleeve – not sleeveless!) **
  • White gloves
  • Gauntlets **
  • Plume
  • Marching Band t-shirt
  • Garment bag **

** Purchased once and re-used from year to year unless damaged.

Uniforms are dry cleaned before distribution to students. It is the student’s responsibility to have a complete clean, pressed uniform and polished shoes for all performances.

Uniform Collection

After the Memorial Day Parade, uniforms will be collected by our team of uniform volunteers. Please note that you will receive a bill for any missing, torn, stained, or otherwise damaged pieces of your uniform.