2016 MPC Percussion Standstill

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MPC Percussion Standstill

In conjunction with the Midwest Percussion Cooperative (MPC), the NCHS Bands and Band Boosters are excited to offer our 5th Annual MPC Percussion Standstill!

In addition to our field show competition we offer this electrifying “Drumline Battle” featuring 12 front ensemble and battery sections from competing field show participants.  The Standstill performances will take place in a separate location on Benedictine University’s campus. See the MPC Percussion Standstill schedule for performance times.

Operation of the MPC Percussion Standstill:

  • Battery and Front Ensemble members  move all of their equipment to the separate performance location in which they would have time for a short break (water will be provided) and then perform their same field show, standing still with percussion-only.
  • This performance would be adjudicated separately from your field show and the scores would NOT factor towards your overall field scores. In an effort to compare groups of similar ability levels, all groups will perform without any classification designation. At the end of day, all scores will be tallied and groups will be ranked in order by score. The MPC will designate an appropriate number of groups per classification according to their score. For example:

Total number of groups = 15
Identify 3 Classes: Open, Intermediate and Novice
Based on scores ranked highest to lowest:
Open Class: Groups 1 – 5 highest scores
Intermediate Class: Groups 6 – 10 next highest scores
Novice Class: Groups 11 – 15 remaining scores
Each class would have its own 1st place winner
Recaps would be available for remaining rankings

Drum majors are welcome to conduct for this performance. Spectators are encouraged to attend and cheer on their groups! Scheduling adjustments will be made to accommodate those bands performing towards the end of the field show competition.

There is no cost of admission for spectators to enjoy the MPC Percussion Standstill performances (held outside of the stadium).

Your 2016 MPC Percussion Standstill Adjudicator will be Mr. Henry Williams.


  • 1st Place Open Class – Romeoville HS
  • 1st Place Intermediate Class – Oswego HS
  • 1st Place Novice Class – Lake Community HS

Final Rankings Table



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