Greetings 2020 Marching Redhawks!

I hope that this email finds everyone well, especially during this very unique and difficult time.

I first want to welcome you all to the 2020 season of the Naperville Central Marching Redhawks! For our returning students, welcome back and to our newest members, we say welcome and THANK YOU for taking a chance at an activity that will be new and exciting in your lives!

I’d like to invite everyone (students, parents and staff members) to join me on a Zoom meeting Monday evening 5/4/20 for a very brief welcome session. The meeting should last 30 minutes or less. While there still may be more questions than there are answers at this time, we want you to know that we are still preparing for the season at full strength. We do hope that you’ll join us!  Please email for Zoom meeting details

In the meantime, you should be hearing from your section leaders in the very near future, if not already. Lastly, if you know of a friend who may not have signed up but may still be on the fence, there is still time to add members, but we’ve got to move quickly! If you have any names that you might want for me to reach out to, please do touch base with Mr. Estes ASAP with contact information.

Again, Monday’s meeting will be short and sweet. Just a quick meeting to say hello and maybe address a few small details that we can at this time. Look forward to seeing you then!


Mr. Estes

2020 NCHS Marching Redhawks Orientation and Registration (click here)

April 6, 2020

Hello students, parents and directors!!

I hope that this email finds everyone well!

In lieu of our in-person marching band orientation meeting that was supposed to be held last month, we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video to welcome you to the 20-21 Marching Redhawks at Naperville Central High School! This is for all winds, percussion and color guard members!  We especially welcome all of our new incoming freshmen.  Welcome to the NCHS Bands and Spirits!


We are super-excited with the development of our 2020 Marching Redhawks show production and are happy to announce that our musical arrangements are completed!  I have formally unveiled our show in the video link above!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or reservations about the marching band activity and would like to discuss, please contact Mr. Estes to schedule a time to chat. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions that you might have!   Current and new fall color guard members may also contact Debbie Wiles-Isoda (

Parents and Guardians – please also see this very informative pdf about how to volunteer to help the NCHS Marching Redhawks!

Thanks for your time and please stay safe and healthy out there!

Mr. Estes

2020 NCHS Marching Redhawks Drumline Auditions Onlne 4/23/20 (click here)

With auditions, as we will not be in a position to hold auditions in person, here is our game plan to get through the process so that we can move forward with the part assignments and music distribution:

  • Auditions will take place on Thursday April 23rd as previously communicated
  •  We will utilize Zoom meetings to perform Live auditions
  • Each student will receive a 10 minute audition time slot

Please click here to sign up for an audition time

  • We will utilize the Waiting Room function to allow for individual auditions
  •  Students should sign into meetings 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to be on-deck

Audition Music Materials can be found here

Auditions performances should be prepared as follows:

Practice pad and snare sticks
On a drum or a drum stand preferred.
Feet and hands should be visible

Standing (preferably)
Tenor practice pad or a set of quad drums
If you do not have a set of quads or a tenor pad, let’s get creative!
On a flat surface, preferably carpeted, section off 4 zones as close to a set of tenors.
Use the following image as a reference
Drums dimensions from Left to Right are: 14”-12”-10”-13”
Consider about 1.5 – 2” between drums

Bass Drums

Practice pad (horizontal – same as snare) and snare sticks
On a drum or a drum stand preferred.
Feet and hands should be visible

On a mallet keyboard of some kind, if possible
Marimba, Xylophone, Practice Keyboard, even a beginner bell kit!
If you don’t have any of these items, we are going to send you a video on “How to Create a Cardboard & Duct Tape Mallet Keyboard”

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the audition process, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Mr. Estes