NCHS Curricular Bands – Concert Attire

Concert Attire


  • Conservative black tuxedo (black trousers and jacket)*
  • Front pleated wing collar tuxedo shirt*
  • Black socks and black dress shoes
  • Black banded bow tie

*These items may be purchased at any formal wear store.  You may also purchase the black jacket and trouser separates, tuxedo shirt and bow tie at Kohls, JCPenney, etc. 


  • Conservative black formal dress – ankle length
  • (click here for dress order form)
  • Black hose or tights
  • Black dress shoes (no athletic shoes or flip flops)
NCHS Bands Concert Attire
NCHS Concert Band Attire- Left: Ladies black formal uniform concert dress. Right: Mens’ black formal wear and tuxedo shirt/bow tie (purchase retail).