NCHS Bands and Spirits Jackets and Patches

NCHS Bands and Spirits Jackets and Patches


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Band Jackets – there are 3 basic jackets available:


Ladies “Sailor Collar”  *  Mens “leather sleeves”  *  White “Puffy Jacket”   

Jackets may be locally purchased and customized with the patches and embroidery at either of the following businesses.  Estimated costs for the letterman jackets are $179 – $199 plus the cost of the Naperville Central and Marching Band patch, embroidery, and sewing on awarded numbers, letters and patches.  The white puffy jackets are around $120 plus the cost of the NCHS Spirits patches and sewing on awarded numbers, letters and patches.

Link to coupon for free first name embroidery and $10 donation to NCHS Bands for jackets purchased from Lorenzo’s 

Referred to by many as “white puffy jackets” favored by the NCHS Spirits. Girls often use these as award jackets and choose to have their letters, numerals, patches, etc sewn on them.


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Numbers and Letters that are provided by NCHS Bands (for Marching Band and Fall Guard):

Front of Jacket:
  • Graduation Year (last 2 digits)
  • Sophomore Letter
  • (4th Semester “Academic Letter” will be awarded by NCHS in some cases)
  • Junior Letter
  • Senior Letter

Patches to be purchased from  Janor Sports or Lorenzos (when jacket is ordered or as needed):

Back of Jacket:
  • “Marching Band”
  • “Naperville Central”

Buying and Ordering Additional Participation Bars Patches:

  • The participation bars and patches pictured below may be ordered from the NCHS BBA as needed using the order form (print out).

  • These outside event patches may be purchased or ordered from the following organizations:

  • ISU Marching Band Championship Patches are available at the competition and may be ordered from ISU Bands (subject to availability).
  • BOA Patches are available at the competition and from their online store.
  • Northern Illinois band competition patches are not common (to be updated).


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“Where do the letters, bars, patches and embroidery go on the letter jacket?”

This is a common question.  It depends on the number of letters, bars and patches to be placed.  It involves a little creativity in some cases!   Space planning for future possible award letters, patches or bars is important!  Consider the other sports and activities of the student as well.

Below please find a few examples that may help!

  • Mens Letter Jacket  (men’s wool letter jacket with leather sleeves)


A nearly completed senior jacket

A freshman jacket with additional sports activity

  • Ladies wool jacket with sailor collar


(front of ladies jacket, note first name is emboidered above right pocket)

Freshman jacket

Same Ladies Letter Jacket during senior year.  For placing a white Academic Letter given at the Sophomore 4.0 breakfast – the Junior letter is either moved below the Varsity letter as shown or the academic letter can be placed above the Junior Letter (challenging to sew on).  The academic gold bars can be pinned to the academic letter.

Senior jacket

  • Ladies White “Puffy Jacket”

Senior jacket


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Sewing on the letters and patches can require a good sewing machine or great patience with a thimble, needle, and thread.  Looking for other options?

Give plenty of lead time.  $10 or more per letter or patch to sew on a jacket.

(if you have found a great resource for sewing patches on letter jackets please share!