2020 NCHS Seniors


This page is the official page of activities for the NCHS Bands Class of 2021.
We will also include all known information for the Senior Class of 2021 (unofficial page for this purpose)

NCHS Bands and Fall Color Guard Senior Activities

NCHS BBA Senior Activities Coordinator:  Kathy Christensen   nchsbbawebmaster@gmail.com


NCHS Class of 2021:  Upcoming Dates, Activities, and Information

NCHS Class of 2021 Parents and Guardians Facebook Group

The information below may be based on dates for previous years.  Confirmed information will be noted.  This is not an official listing for NCHS or NCHS Student Activities and is provided as a courtesy to parents as we all navigate the changing landscape of this upcoming school year!

Example checklist (thank you JH!)

  • NCHS Activities Page – look here during the school year for Class of 2021 information
  • Senior Parking:
    • Information sent out by NCHS on April 28:
      • Please fill out and submit the google form below to sign-up for a senior parking spot for next school year.  Every senior is guaranteed a parking spot for one semester.  Partner up with a friend you share rides with and each of you can request a different semester.  This would guarantee you an on-campus spot for the year.Click on this link to fill out the form:  2020-21 Senior Parking FormThe cost of the spot is $50 which can be paid (cash or check to NCHS) in Student Services during Registration.  Additional information will be sent out this summer as to which semester you received a spot, as well as our parking policy/rules.  Your name will also go into a lottery, for any open spots, in the semester you didn’t choose.  The Naperville Park District has spots available too.  Information can be found on their website. If you have questions, please email Mr. Strausberger  at rstrausberger@naperville203.org
  • Senior Pictures:
    • Senior yearbook pictures are due by 10/12/20.  These are normally taken by Prestige Portraits (a Lifetouch company)
      • Information emailed bu NCHS to senior parents:
        • It’s time to schedule your senior portrait session!Simply go online at prestigeportraits.comEnter the city and state of your school, select your school and follow the prompts to book your appointment.If you have any questions please contact Prestige Portraits at 630-910-6800 option 5

Monday – Friday  9:00am – 5:00pm

Some parents have been advised that the senior pictures for the yearbook can be taken at the Prestige Portraits Mokena IL location

Additional information

        • The “Essential Session” will satisfy the yearbook photo requirement
        • Proofs should be mailed /emailed within 2 weeks of appointment.  Select your yearbook photo ASAP
        • You might also call 800-736-4775
    • The senior picture that will be taken at the NCHS registration in August is only for the school ID
    • The senior panoramic photo is often taken at NCHS before late arrival in December
  • Senior Yard Signs
  • Senior Cap and Gown Orders
  • Senior Graduation Announcement Orders (announcements, open house invitations, etc)
  • Senior Ads for Yearbook (parents order as desired)
  • Class of 2021 Commencement Date (listed as TBA on D203 calendar.  Seem to recall a survey about commencement date preferences was sent out last spring?)

College Applications and Testing Notes for Class of 2021
  • ACT and SAT Testing
    • ACT will open up registration for Fall 2021 on July 27
  • College Applications
    • Check your emails and postal mail for colleges offering application fee waivers!
    • NCHS will be using SchoolLinks to connect with the Common Application.  Counselors have mentioned this will be finalized after school starts in August (some bugs to work out?)



to add updates or provide corrections to information on this page, please email nchsbbawebmaster@gmail.com