2020 NCHS Fall Color Guard Auditions

Latest information for 2020 Fall Color Guard Auditions is shown below. 

Please contact Debbie Wiles-Isoda for updates to schedule below.  There is a Zoom call on 5/5 (contact Debbie for more details).

Please also register for Marching Band ASAP here!

NCHS Spirits Fall Color Guard Audition information (pdf)

NCHS Spirits Promotional Video


NCHS Spirits Winter Guard 2020 Season Highlights

The NCHS Spirits Winter Guard was in the middle of one of their best seasons ever before it was cut short due to the cancellation of the World Championships due to recent events that have affected us all.  We are all so proud of the 19-20 NCHS Spirits and especially wish the seniors sincere congratulations and wishes for success in their next chapter. We hope you will all stay involved in the Sport of the Arts!


Accomplishments for this season:

1St place Naperville North Show

1st place TF South

1st place Naperville Central Winter Classic

WGI Indianapolis Regional Finalist 7th place (best finish of all Illinois winter guards)

WGI Chicago Regional Finalist 4th place – video of performance

If you have not had the opportunity to see this wonderful show and the talent that these ladies leave on the floor – please watch their WGI Chicago Regional Final run here! (FF to the 2 minute mark if you like).