2019 NCHS Memorial Day Parade Band Details

Parent Volunteers Needed – Sign up here:


Congratulations on another wonderful school year! Thank you so much to those participating and helping to represent Naperville Central HS at this year’s Naperville Community Memorial Day parade! We look forward to one last opportunity to perform with our winds, colorguard, percussion and drum majors, as well as one last hurrah for our 2019 graduates!
As we prep for Monday’s parade, we’d like to remind you of just a few final details for Monday morning:

Date: Monday May 27th

Call Time: 7:30AM

Enter: Door 29

What to wear:


Bring an extra shirt after the parade

You will be issued a Redhawk Bands T-Shirt for the Parade

Please return this shirt when we return to NCHS

White Sox

Comfortable Athletic Shoes

Colorguard members: Please listen for instructions from your coaches on what to wear

We encourage students to arrive in this so that nothing is forgotten at home


Buses depart for parade staging: 8:45AM

Note: Our departure time is based on street closures around the parade route. We must have our unit in place prior to street closures

Parade starts: 10:30AM

All students are expected to ride buses back to NCHS to collect equipment, return t-shirt, clean-up and dismissal

For safety and by request of the Naperville Police Department, Please DO NOT make plans to retrieve your students at the end of the parade route.


Please drink plenty of water BEFORE you arrive on Monday morning. You’ll thank us later!


Student dismissal is planned for approximately 12:30PM. Please keep in mind that this is a best “guesstimate” based on many varying factors, including traffic in Naperville, post-parade, as we make our way back to NCHS.

We are looking forward to a great day with great weather and we thank you for helping us honor our fallen veterans.

Don’t forget to consider “who you’re marching for”!

Here are a few links to the Naperville Memorial Day Parade website:
Home page: https://www.napervillememorialdayparade.com/

General Information: https://www.napervillememorialdayparade.com/general-information.html

Parade Map and Route: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12KmkvF-3bpxMPEj4TLOu8paoaOWAgIcb

See you on Monday and have a wonderful weekend!

-The Band Directors


Official Transportation and Departure Information for the 2018 Memorial Day Parade:

The parade route begins at Jackson & West St., east to Washington, north to Benton, east, past Saint Peter and Paul Church to the corner of Benton and Brainard.

Parade will step off at 10:30 a.m.

In the event of severe/threatening weather conditions, the district reserves the right to withdraw from the parade. Ideally, cancellation would occur before the students are transported from their respective schools. If cancellation occurs at the parade drop-off site (but before the parade begins), the buses will collect the children and return them to their respective junior high schools. At this point, the NAPERVILLE MEMORIAL DAY PARADE EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN will go into effect. In either scenario, the “Talk 203” system will be activated to inform parents.

Please pick up your student from NCHS as soon as possible.

If severe/threatening weather conditions occur after the parade begins (students are marching), they will be directed to a position of safety by appropriate officials. Directors will contact their drivers, alert them of their location, and arrange for pickup. They will then be transported back to their junior high or high schools. Should this occur, the “Blackboard Connect” system will be activated by the directors to inform parents.