*2018 Marching Redhawk Band Camp

Band Camp 2018 is here!

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer! We’ve had great rehearsals over the course of this summer with fundamentals training in the music and visual areas for winds and percussion. We’ve heard great things about the training happening in the color guard! Now, it’s time to get the band back together!

Essential Information:

Dates:  7/30 -8/11 (no band camp on Sunday 8/5).

Who: All Marching Redhawks (DM’s, Colorguard, Winds and Percussion)

Drop Off/Pickup Location: NCHS Door 21 (Greenhouse) or Door 29 (main entrance to the band room)

  • Week 1:
    • Monday (7/31) is 11AM – 9PM
      All students report to Band Room for intro to camp meeting
    • Tuesday through Friday (8/1 – 8/3) is 1 – 9PM
    • (Friday 8/3, 7 pm, New (& Returning!) Marching Redhawk Parent Information  Mtg #2, Room 101)
    • Saturday (8/5) is 9-2PM
      (Sunday (8/6) – No Rehearsal)
  • Week 2:
    • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (8/6, 8/7 and 8/9) are 1PM9PM (NEW!)
    • Wednesday (8/8) is 10AM – 8PM, This includes our Senior Dinner (off-campus with Directors).  Freshman – Juniors movie night in the band room. This is a team building event and attendance is expected. Families – Please do not excuse students from missing this event unless it is an emergency situation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    • Friday (8/10) 9AM -9PM
      • 9AM – 5PM – Rehearsal
      • Students will eat dinner and prep for the presentation after rehearsal
      • 7:30PM – Parent Presentation in the NCHS Stadium
    • Saturday (8/11) – DCI Trip to Indianapolis
      • 10:30AM – Meet at NCHS, Door 21 (Greenhouse)
      • 11AM – Departure for Indianapolis
      • 1:30AM – Approximate Arrival back to NCHS, Door 21 for pickup
  • Meals:
    • Lunch: Students will bring a sack lunch daily
    • Snack break: Will be provided at the Pool Lobby concessions inside of the school.  HELP NEEDED – See CHARMS!
    • Dinner: Will be provided daily The dinner menu can be found on the schedule. All dietary restrictions/concerns should have been communicated at this time. Any dietary needs not communicated cannot be resolved once camp begins.  HELP NEEDED – See CHARMS!
  • What to Bring Daily:
    • Your instruments and equipment!
    • Equipment storage – If you need to leave an instrument at school overnight, we are not set up with lockers yet, so you should mark your instrument clearly and leave it at the front of the band room. This is the most secure place at this time if leaving your instrument at school
    • We will be outside daily, so please dress comfortably  ****No Jeans, EVER!!*****
    • If pants are ever necessary, please ensure that they are athletic pants, free of restrictive movement
    • Gym shoes and socks ****No Flip Flops****
    • Hats, SUN BLOCK, sunglasses, and WATER are very important.  Your water jug should hold a minimum of 1/2 Gallon of water or larger and be insulated to protect from the heat
    • Music Binders with all warm ups and music in clear plastic sheets. All music can be downloaded from CHARMS, if you have lost or misplaced anything
    • Clips/Clothespins to hold music in the wind are a good accessory
    • Pencils (Mechanical Pencils are highly encouraged)
    • “Dot Books” (Spiral Note card booklets used for learning drill).  Will be distributed on Monday. You do not need to buy one.
      • Bring some form of lanyard of your choice for holding your “Dot Books” Dot Books are expected at all rehearsals throughout the entire season, even at the end of the season!
    • Ear Plugs – If you have pre-purchased earplugs, you may pick them up from the band office. If you would like to purchase musician’s ear plugs, please bring $10 cash only
  • Spirit!  There are “spirit day” themes for each day of band camp. We’re looking for the best section to show their section pride each day. Who’s got spirit?!?!?
  • Absences:  If you will be missing for any reason, please make sure that you have communicated with Mr. Estes AND your section leader. However, all students are expected to be at band camp! (We can’t express enough just how important these next 2 weeks will be.) Link to absence form
  • Parents – please go to the Reminders page for current band camp volunteer information.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Estes (bestes@naperville203.org).