2016-17 NCHS Spirits Winter Guard

This year the 2017 Spirits Winter Guard show is titled “Paint It Black”

The amazing performers take the audience on an emotional journey as they travel visually from white, to primary colors and finish with a colorless world. 
The production of the show consists of unbelievable equipment moments, as well as a transformation of a colorful outlook into a dark and eerie world. 
Within the production there is a strong presence of a red door and the energy from the door slowly starts to consume the performers as the darkness overwhelms them. 
The performers of this year’s Winter Guard captivate the audience with their amazing portrayal of their story “Paint It Black”. The performers and staff have put in close to 850 hours total throughout the season to create the vision and perfect their roles. 
This year’s Winter Guard has had one unbelievable season BUT it’s not over yet!
We would like to invite you to a send off performance for the Spirits as they depart for The Midwest Colorguard Championships in Indiana. This is a wonderful opportunity for all friends, family, and supporters to see the show and support the Spirits as their season comes to an end. 
We will have our send off performance at 8:30pm on Thursday, March 30th in the Large Cafe at NCHS. 
We would also like to take a moment to thank all of the performers, parents, administration of NCHS, and the volunteers who have dedicated so much time and support to help the Spirits succeed this season. 
See you on Thursday, March 30th at 8:30 pm.