NCHS Spirits


NCHS Spirits Fall Color Guard and Winter Guard

Color Guard is an activity of performance art involving a wide range of dance styles with added use of equipment (rifles, flags, sabers), and incorporates music into their performances.

The NCHS Spirits Color Guard Team is comprised of the Fall Color Guard (as part of the Marching Redhawks) and the Winter Guard that competes in the Midwest Color Guard Circuit (MWCGC).

Why Should I Join Colorguard?

Social: You get to meet life-long friends of all ages. Freshman will enter high school knowing over 50 band members before the first day of classes.

Visibility: We are the largest organization at Naperville Central High School and one of the most visible.

Travel: We travel for competitions all across Illinois and Indiana.

Fitness: Color Guard will keep you in shape. Studies have proven that students that who perform in color guard do so at the same rate as a typical high school athlete.

Dance performance: Those involved in Color Guard will practice and perform dance more often and will improve their technique and endurance.

Competition: When done in a healthy way, competition is great for improvement and goal setting.

Time Management: Color Guard requires a large commitment of time, but it also forces you to plan wisely.

College Applications: Colleges like to see students who are involved both in academic and athletic or musical activities because it makes you well-rounded.

Teamwork: Colorguard will teach life skills needed for the real world including how to work effectively with others.

Community: We perform in several parades, Marching Redhawks competitions, football games, community events, and athletic events that contribute directly to the Naperville Central spirit.


 Fall Color Guard:

The Spirits’ Fall Color Guard are members of the Marching Redhawks and play an important part in the marching band show. Color Guard members are required to attend band camp in early August, rehearse with the marching band, attend all home football games, marching band competitions on Saturdays throughout the fall, and perform in the Naperville Labor Day and Memorial Day parades as members of the Marching Redhawks.








Winter Guard:

The Spirits Winter Guard competes in the MidWest Color Guard Circuit (MWCGC) and at select Winterguard International competitions. They practice two to three days per week after school, and travel to weekend competitions January through April. Members are required to attend all practices, competitions, and participate in fundraisers.



Auditioning for Fall Color Guard: No previous guard or dance experience is required to try out. In the spring of each year, clinics are held prior to tryouts to teach technique and a routine to perform at the tryout. Incoming freshmen, sophomores and juniors can try out in the spring for the fall Color Guard. Dates for clinics, meetings and tryouts are posted on the NCHS Bands Charms Calendar.

 Auditioning for Winter Guard: Auditions are held in the late fall of each year and are open to current students at NCHS.

Questions?  Please contact Danielle Beaton, Director (